Thursday, 10 December 2009

Santa Baby...... I've been an awful good girl

The other day Simon asked for my christmas list. "Honestly, there is nothing I need. Go to the charity shop and rummage for old junk and books for me. I'll be happy with that", I replied. I did mean this, but once I sat down with pen and paper, there seemed to be an awful lot more I'd like in my stocking after all!

So here are a few things on my list to Father Christmas.

DAB Roberts Radio

Bike Boots

Pyjamas and slippers

Shabby, vintage Madonna statue

My favourite perfume

Rare, expensive and apparently the best interior book ever!

secondhand jewellery

Always room for another happy hooker!
(I need to brush up on my crocheting skills)

Something by Mr D.

So, what's on yours? And have you been naughty or nice?


  1. A while back Mr. jazz and I decided we were no longer buying presents for each other on the "obligatory" dates (birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries). Because a) we both can afford to buy what we want for ourselves and b)we have more than enough of everything.

    Instead, we buy each other presents through the year when we happen on something we think the other would like.

    Works for us...

  2. Hey Jo - I bought the Happy Hooker for my library. It's fantastic and so much fun. I learned quite a bit from it. If you can't find it anywhere, let me know - I'm sure it can go on a little excursion to the UK for a couple of months! May I also applaud you on your list. I'm gonna do the same and post one on my blog too, me thinks!

  3. That's a good idea Jazz, we all have so much already, although i must confess that I'd be a teensy bit disappointed if I didn't have something to open Christmas morning. I'd just rather people bought from flea markets or charity shops. (Except the Joy though! lol)

    Caterina, I'm glad you agree. I'd like to see your list too!

    Deb, thanks but the book is really easy to get here. Off to check out your wish list. I'm sure you've been a very good girl!

  4. Nice list. Love the pencils and the boots. Nice to be included on your list. xo

  5. Hello Ms. W. How are you? You've been very quiet recently. Just told your man the same thing. Hope you're ok.