Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Distress To Impress and Don't Spend, Mend.

Many of us on here are drawn together by our love of vintage style, recycling, upcycling, whatever you choose to call it. I know a lot of artists that use found objects in their work or creative people who decorate their homes fabulously, using only charity/thrift shop buys.

However, there are always a few who rise above everyone else for their astonishing skill, creativity and vision. Below are some of my favourite designers, who take the discarded and forgotten and turn them into something fabulous.

First is a designer  Gem (NattyBoho), from Suffolk, England, whose beautiful designs are in the style of tattered, Dickensian and punked up Victoriana. Beautifully tailored jackets with bustles and fabulous Dodger style hats in silks and lace. Introducing.......

Gem's designs and beautiful photographs can be found on Etsy and Facebook
All images courtesy of  Naturally Bohemian

Next we go across the pond to Alaska and enter the wonderful world of the Slippery Slope Bloomer Co
Designer Jess, creates incredibly unique underwear using upholstery fabric, which, when you get to my age is exactly what you need!

She is also inspired by the illustrations of John James Audubon and draws his ornithological images onto some of her designs.

The photos used to model the pieces are also a visual feast. Pretty, grungy, tough, yet always feminine.
All images courtesy of Slippery Slope Bloomer Co.

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