Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Village Affair.

Saturday was the first of the Craft Markets in a tiny village near to me called Warkton. It has been organised by Deanne and Michelle who, like me, are keen to start a handcraft revolution. (or revive an old one!)

View from the village hall

I didn't do as well at this market as I normally do at some of my regular markets, but I think that was because this was because the visitors were more of a traditional craft fayre bunch. Not sure creepy doll badges were high on their shopping lists! Sometimes that just the way it rolls! I'm sure as word spreads about this monthly market, there'll be even more visitors.

Anyway, it did make me realise that I may have to adapt the things I sell to appeal to different markets.

Take a browse through the photos to see some wonderfully talented artists and crafters.

Gifts of Nature Workshop. Fabulous wood turning from Sue Cattell.
My new recycled fabric-covered notebooks
The Crow Road stall (me) and yes, yes, I know I need to work on a proper display. I'm doing it ok?
Bizzie Lizzie (aka Lesley)
Lovely painted furniture, mirrors etc. but she is also a beautiful fine art painter and below are some of her lovely cards of her village scenes.
Yankee do-Little Delights. A fabulous idea from our resident american, Meghan. She beautifully packages ingredients for traditional american cookies and brownies. (She also kept us going with samples she had made earlier. They were delicious)
This lady does the most gorgeous knitted scarves in fine merino wool, decorated with tiny beads and at such a reasonable price. Check out her website.

 Cute little angels.
Lovely jams and chutneys from Hedgerow Preserves.
Beautiful crafts from Button-It
Quirky Boots handcrafted goodies.

It was a lovely day; my mum came to keep me company and we thoroughly enjoyed chatting with the other stall-holders and having cups of tea made for us by Deanne and Michelle. I look forward to the next one.

Photos courtesy of Deanne and Michelle. 

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

French Revels!

Well I'm back from from my fantastic holiday in France with Rainey J.  She is really lovely and such great fun that I felt like I'd known her for years.
My trip didn't start too well as I got lost on the way from the airport. A slight pronunciation difference led the taxi driver to drop me at Dinard, not Dinan! After finding a very kind woman, who phoned the taxi co. for me and explained things, I finally arrived in the right place, where Rainey was waiting for me.
Rainey in her beautiful little apartment. Click here for a lovely story about this and a beautiful painting.

Dinan is a beautiful, medieval, walled town and every part of it is picturesque. The buildings are so crooked that they look like they shouldn't be standing at all.

We visited, art exhibitions, fleamarkets, cathedrals, roamed the streets and hit the bars at night. Our favourite bar is run by a lovely man and friend of Rainey's called Alain. (More on that later!)

Ok, enough chit chat, here's the photos.

View from the castle walls that surround the town.
The street where our favourite pub was.

Me guarding the gates against Irish invaders... such as this one....
"Let me in! Let me in! I need more sewing supplies and a martini!"

Ok, now we're going to go somewhere really special. This cobbled street winds down and down to the edge of the town walls. Just down here, on the left is a magical place. Come with me gentle readers, whilst I take you on a journey of french haberdashery delight..........   

Choosing one's treasures is a very serious business!

I would have loved one of these antique sewing boxes, but they were not for sale.

Here is the link to the website of this little shop of wonders. Yes, she sells online!
As you can imagine, after that we needed to sit down and recover.....