Sunday, 18 July 2010

La grande évasion!

Well my lovely readers, it's only one week now, until my trip to France with Rainey J.  After our last unsuccessful attempt to enter the country, whereby she was arrested for being drunk in charge of Steampunk supplies, I am happy to report that she managed to knock out the customs man, pick the handcuffs and escape to freedom!

So, we are trying again on July 26th..... preparations are taking place.

Rainey: "Hi Jo, are you looking forward to our holiday?"

Jo: "Oh yes Rainey, it's going to be so relaxing. I hope you're not doing anything special so that you look fabulous when I see you. I want you just as you are."

Rainey: "What me? of course not Jo." (Please, Mary mother of God, don't let my hair fall out.")

Jo:  "No, me neither Rainey, I will meet you for the first time, warts and all!" ("Just another day in this sulpher mud bath and hopefully the small pox scars won't show.")

Jo: "Not going to the gym then, so you have no wobbly bits?"

Rainey: "Hahahaha! As if!"  ("Just another 2 hours on this contraption and she won't know what a big ass I've got.")
Jo: "That's ok then. We'll both be completely natural. Lovely!"

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Seth's Buried Treasure

Seth Apter at The Altered Page  has come up with a great idea to introduce bloggers to each other. 
Today all participants will re-post their favourite post from their own blog. Seth will put up a list of the blogs on his page and voila! Lots of cool new blogs to go and visit.

My favourite post is the one I did last year after a very difficult summer. I'm happy to say that those particular problems have been resolved and we're back to being a normal dysfunctional family again. So for anyone who is going through a very difficult time, just remember....
    "everything is transient, all things must change" 

First posted 24/08/09
The Lost Summer
This is a series of small images I have made that relates to the rather difficult time we have had over the past few weeks. each picture is created on an original Victorian holiday photograph, again to symbolise summer.

Things now seem to be improving and as someone pointed out to me, "nothing is permanent; all things must change."

The Lost Summer


This image incorporates a piece of beautiful glass that the children and I found on a walk in the fields, along with the last of the buttercups.


For my beautiful son who has Asperger's, who frustrates, exhausts, enrages and delights me.


This one is for my beautiful daughter as she prepares to leave for university and my hope that her heart will soon mend and she becomes again the funny, confident, lovely young woman I know she is. (A little Georgia O' Keefe symbolism going on here I think. This was pointed out by a good friend and I think she's right!)


There were times when things were overwhelming.


Lavender; the herb that I use to try and restore calm and peace; something that we have had little of this summer.. This image depicts one who's had enough and is longing for peace.


This represents the end of this summer, the last of the thyme, (the end of this time) the dying moths and the gathering in of my family after overcoming weeks of heartache. (Hopefully!)


This is my beautiful Kitty a year on....

Image courtesy of Carole Kelly Photography

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Still Pimping.

'The Book of Souls'
(For sale on Etsy)

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Introducing Maud & Mabel Vintage.

Maud & Mabel is our new shop on Etsy, set up by me and my friend Billie. Hopefully we will have plenty more goodies in stock soon.

Maud: "We're getting a little cluttered dear. Do you think we should have a clear out?"

Mabel: "Yes Maud, perhaps we could even sell some of it. Everyone's doing it I hear."

Maud: "Sell it? I think mummy would think that rather vulgar." 

Mabel: "Well mummy isn't here and the price of gin and cat food is extortionate!"

Maud: "Very well, dear. Let's have a rummage."

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

More Shameless Plugging!

I've finally got all my little bits and bobs that I normally sell at the craft fayres, on Etsy.

Wooden brooches

Funky Retro Coasters

Vintage lace flower brooches or for your hair.....

Sunday, 4 July 2010

England's Dreaming

Detail of 'England's Dreaming' showing original 1902 medal celebrating the coronation of Edward Vll.
(and lovely lace from Alicia, hand dyed by me with peony flowers and rusty key!)

Now for sale on Etsy

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Work In Progress

I'm doing a series of works on book covers at the moment, so here's a sneaky peek. There is a lot more work to do on them, but so far I'm pleased. That in itself is a miracle as I usually loathe everything I make, have lots of tantrums and throwing fits and vow to take up juggling instead. (Mind you, stomping on balls could very therapeutic!)

Anyway, I digress.......

I love the way these look all together, even stuck up with packing tape!

Photograph courtesy of Simon at the fallen angel social club

Glass magic lantern slide bought on my trip to London with Penny from Sparrow Salvage.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mummy Knows Best.

My daughter Catherine (Kitty) has just finished her first year at university and now has to move out of halls and into a shared house. (Do you remember how much fun that was?)

Anyway, I'm getting all excited, with the gleam of decorating madness in my eye. Kit, however, doesn't seem to have inherited that gene. (I'm hoping it's laying dormant, ready to emerge soon!)

Whilst I'm perusing Anthropologie Flea Market Style and Etcetera she rather lamely adds that all she needs is a pair of curtains. Just curtains? I think not!

Gorgeous hanging chair, but very expensive. Time to dust off that macrame book!

Love this throw, again not cheap, but a version of this I can make myself, whether Kitty wants it or not, because Mummy knows best. (For now.)

This type of thing is my vision for student living.....

.....but you just know it's going to be like this.....

But who really cares when you're 19, beautiful and having fun! Just curtains it is then sweetie. x