Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gin and Cat Food

Yes, dear readers, alas poor Maud & Mabel are running low on gin and cat food. So let's see what little delights they have in their shop, because if Maud doesn't get a snifter before bed she'll be unbearable!

Gorgeous vintage baby nightgown

Vintage French, handmade child's dress.

Vintage French photograph album.

I had to raid Mabel's bedroom for this next lot. Trying to tear her away from her book of Hollywood gossip was no easy task, I can tell you!

Mmmm... no wonder, however, dear Mabel still dreams of Cary Grant sweeping her off her feet. (It wouldn't take much, she's none too steady these days!)

A very ornate vintage compact. (Far too ostentatious for Maud)

Vintage French Letter (stop sniggering in the back!)

Beautiful French cabinet card.

As you can see, the poor cat is looking a little peaky.

Chin Chin!