Friday, 20 July 2012

New and Improved

It's been a long time, yet again, but I have a good excuse for my non-blogging this time. As some of you know, I have the degenerative spinal condition, scoliosis and in April I went into hospital for my seventh operation. (More about my story here) I was in a hospital in Oxford, about 50 miles from my home, so it made it a bit awkward for people to come and visit, although my man, Si made regular trips. He's such a star.

In The Arms Of Morpheus by Sir William Ernest Reynolds-Stephens - 1894

Although, to be honest, I spent much of the time on morphine, so I was in a little sleepy world of my own. After being declared and excellent patient, the new and improved me was discharged.

"Just one more enema I think, nurse."

Back home, I spent almost 6 weeks recovering in bed and pottering about. I was pampered and spoilt by family and lovely friends, to whom I'm so grateful.

As I wasn't sleeping very well at nights, I would creep up to my attic studio and make stuff. I could only sit for 15 mins or so, but I had to finish some jewellery I was making for the art gallery. I'd been booked to display my stuff in the craft cabinet for the whole of June, so as you can imagine I was panicking a bit! Not sure how, but I got it done. With the help of my good friend Miss. Billie, we made a beautiful display in the cabinet. Apparently, everyone loved it and I even sold some stuff!

I also managed to make something to submit for the Open Exhibition at the gallery and luckily it was accepted.
'The Book Thief' by Jo Archer

Other news is, some friends have recently opened a shop selling all handcrafted goods from local artists/crafters. It's in the lovely village of Warkton, just on the edge of our town and is in a 19th century, former stable and they have decorated it beautifully. You can see The Gift Box here. It's nice to be able to sell my stuff in a real shop, but I will also be selling online at the Little Gift Store, which has some very beautiful things.

Ok, that's my plugs over with. I'm off to catch up with everyone else's blogs now. I have to do it soon, as the school holidays start tomorrow!