Tuesday, 13 April 2010

There's a party at the Doll's House.....

Would you like to come to our party?..

There are already guests inside...

Here's one peeking out of the window...

We keep a watchful eye on the children..

We even have a nanny and they can stay for ever..

and ever...

and ever...

in the Doll House

poem by Margaret Attwood

The dolls used in the collage are ones I
found on ebay and are on wood, but 
Kristin at Retro Cafe Art has the same 
ones in paper cuts. Check them out here.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Send Something Sweet

I love that my friends are all branching out and starting 
their own business. 
Good luck Angie, I think this is a brilliant idea!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Textile Artist- Billie Stevenson

I'd like to feature a good friend of mine who has been very quiet about her considerable talent up until now.
Billie is a textile artist who is often commissioned to create large scale art pieces. In particular, the London based office of the charity, Jeans For Genes quickly snap up her canvases made of denim scraps.

A lot of her work depicts well known London landmarks and have a definite trendy Brit Art feel to them.

As well as her fabric collages, Billie also does upholstery. She has a huge collection of retro and vintage fabrics, (I know, I've drooled over them!) and uses them to transform old junk shop finds into something funky and fabulous.

Tired old cinema seats.......

......... transformed into retro chic!

Billie is still in the stages of setting up her website, "Olive May", but I'll be putting a link on here as soon as she's ready and I'm sure she's going to be fabulously successful!

Giveaway At The Josie Baggley Co.

My lovely, crazy, talented friend, Rainey (see below) is having a blog giveaway, so head over to The Josie Baggley Company and leave a comment to enter the draw. Be quick, you only have a few days left!