Thursday, 1 April 2010

Textile Artist- Billie Stevenson

I'd like to feature a good friend of mine who has been very quiet about her considerable talent up until now.
Billie is a textile artist who is often commissioned to create large scale art pieces. In particular, the London based office of the charity, Jeans For Genes quickly snap up her canvases made of denim scraps.

A lot of her work depicts well known London landmarks and have a definite trendy Brit Art feel to them.

As well as her fabric collages, Billie also does upholstery. She has a huge collection of retro and vintage fabrics, (I know, I've drooled over them!) and uses them to transform old junk shop finds into something funky and fabulous.

Tired old cinema seats.......

......... transformed into retro chic!

Billie is still in the stages of setting up her website, "Olive May", but I'll be putting a link on here as soon as she's ready and I'm sure she's going to be fabulously successful!


  1. just amazing work Jo! love the cinema seats too! great fun!

  2. I bet she will! The cinema chairs are awesome but the other stuff is great, too!

    Thanks for your comment - the burning process is tricky, and every piece of organza reacts in a different way, so it´s always exciting to see what happens, lol!

    Have a wonderful Easter, see you,


  3. yep she sure will be! no doubt about it! She's very innovative,-those collages are e detail she achieves is wonderful...& all using fabric!Extremely talented lady.
    Yes, I am too making funny sounds looking at those chairs ! Gawd they're funky.
    have a yummy Eastertime Jo Petal to you & yours

  4. Hello my darling Jo! I'm absolutely, perfectly, wonderfully fine (re your question about how I am on my barter circle blog). JUST bloomin' BUSY! I'm trying to get our house sorted out (it's finally up for sale) but because Andy is studying full-time now, the burden of the house pretty much falls on me. I've still got a heap more tidying and marketing (we're selling privately).
    Anyway - I love your friend's artwork. She makes me what to have more time so I can do that sort of thing in NZ here - there aren't enough fabric artists like this in NZ - not high profile ones, anyway.
    Also, please let Simon know that I am getting there with his yum yums pack - he's been in a bit of a holding queue, lol. See my last blog posting. Anyway, go take a look at my latest Diary posting - namely, my studio photo and start feeling sorry for me. If there's anything wrong with me, it's that,! Lol!!
    Hope you guys are all well?

  5. Nice article Jo. Beautiful stuff Billy! Never realised I knew so many talented people. wish some of it would rub of on me!