Thursday, 3 June 2010

Crow Road Goodies!

I'm finally ready to do my first blog competition and giveaway. I've put together a few Crow Road goodies, including :

5 gift cards
2 ceramic magnets (i can change the smoking Clara Bow image if you don't like it)
1 vintage lace brooch
1 organza brooch
1 steampunk wooden brooch

(Yes, I know that's a lot of brooches but I couldn't decide which ones to put in, so I put all!)

1 beautiful old book with a gorgeous cover and illustrations. To do with what you will.
1 sweet, hand sewn, vintage doiley little hanging what-not.

Plus, if there's room, some scrumptious English chocolate. All this packed into a fab, very old, Ovaltine tin.

An eclectic mix, but something for everyone and it's free, so don't moan!  : )

Right guys and gals here's what you have to do........

Write a caption to go with the photo below and the funniest one will win the stash! Bear in mind I shall ask Simon to help and he has a very wry sense of  humour. 

Oh, and whoever manages to write a funny caption that doesn't involve a phallic reference will get a bonus of a "Nun's Having Fun" book.  Ha, let's see you manage that!

Closing date is 6th June.


  1. ''Now if you gather 'round, this here is the most sensitive part...unfortunately a couple of what seems to be bite marks has caused the tip to swell everso slightly so its performance will not be up to its usual standard''
    Sorry Jo I couldn't resist!

  2. penguin/nun clockwise
    1.(Sr. Pornopia) silently reaching heaven

    2. (Sr.Craggyanna) "mweh too small-I'm going back to The White Hotel"

    3 (Aloinnocenta)centre)"Jesus Mary & holy St Joseph it's

    4 (Bartholowhip)) ooh the things I could do with that boyo!

    5 (Asquitnas) I could scream it out now " I am a MAN "

    6(Concepta) Yes Yes now let go you bloody eegit!It's MINE and the rest can all just go and feck off!I don't know how you found it as it was hidden it in my knickers!

  3. I don't care what Father Richard told you - THIS is the only old hose you are to un-kink.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Now Sisters, you take hold of the magic thing & speak to God through this end HERE see?

  6. now remember sisters..every sperm is sacred... so if you must spit ....

  7. its only a sin if you dont swallow.. and remember to rinse afterwards ...

  8. I guess it's true what they say - big nose, big hose!

  9. And now for the Decade of the Hosery...Come ye all one and all come ye all together ten times

  10. Now Sisters let me explain one more time
    THIS is a hose.. belonging to the Clive the Gardener.
    THAT was NOT a hose but belongs to Clive the Gardener

  11. Oh and you can only comment once! ha! So pick your best one Ms. Baggley ( you have half this stuff anyway) and you Ms, Bohm Widup. The Fallen Angel can't play.

  12. Just keep me some chocolate that's all I ask Amen

  13. we named it after old Sister Rainey as she was a bit of a hose monster herself....

  14. "Father Jack took great pleasure demonstrating the new communal douche at St Patrick's...."

  15. ''So Sisters,I'll let you stick this end up Brother Si's ass whilst I switch on the tap'' and the sweet Sisters didn't seem to mind at all -n fact they were looking forward to it.

  16. oh you generous soul! such wonderfully gorgeous and fantastic goodies!! they are all so gorgeous and beautiful and wonderful and i love them all so much!

    but "that doesn't involve a phallic reference"!!?? i will have to think long and hard about this one. more soon -- i'm going to sit and ponder away awhile.

  17. okay... i can't not have a phallic reference.

    initially, i thought "mine looks like this, only thicker and with a foreskin" would be good. but after pondering a bit more, i've decided that i prefer my second caption better:

    "this is a garden hose and is intended solely for gardening purposes. this is not to be used for personal purposes or pleasures, and despite what sister mary clarice claimed, it does not emit holy water."

  18. P.S. It's still June 6th here -- 9:29 PM. :(

  19. Mine is:

    The nuns of prepetual holy water get a lesson from Father John on the maintenance of the holy water spigot, stressing the use of the holy water habits for safety!

    Vicki P

  20. Darn - missed the caption play but just for fun....
    "In the face of modern impropriety ~ Father Thomas explains the new ecumenical procedure for emergency power baptisms"

    Nic xx

  21. WAIT!!! I commented the day the post went up and I don't see it!! Did it get removed???

    I think I said... Initial beer bong training.....

    So who won????

  22. Oh, too flippin funny! Unlike everyone else *ahem* i thought of an umbilical cord...but couldn't think of a funny caption! Typical!
    Lucky who ever wins:)