Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gin and Cat Food

Yes, dear readers, alas poor Maud & Mabel are running low on gin and cat food. So let's see what little delights they have in their shop, because if Maud doesn't get a snifter before bed she'll be unbearable!

Gorgeous vintage baby nightgown

Vintage French, handmade child's dress.

Vintage French photograph album.

I had to raid Mabel's bedroom for this next lot. Trying to tear her away from her book of Hollywood gossip was no easy task, I can tell you!

Mmmm... no wonder, however, dear Mabel still dreams of Cary Grant sweeping her off her feet. (It wouldn't take much, she's none too steady these days!)

A very ornate vintage compact. (Far too ostentatious for Maud)

Vintage French Letter (stop sniggering in the back!)

Beautiful French cabinet card.

As you can see, the poor cat is looking a little peaky.

Chin Chin!


  1. Loved the vintage French photos! hoping to do some brocanting myself in Nantes in a few weeks, my son has gone to uni there - may even get chance to visit the great French haberdashery shop you blogged about in Dinan, a bientot Angela

  2. well, i don't know about the cat needing food, unless you weren't referring to the feline, but a night without gin would be horrible indeed!

    gorgeous, GORGEOUS new goodies, my friend! i've been so slack at getting my stuff up in my shop -- have about 30 things to add. whoops! and did i ever end up emailing you why finn is now not in school? this is my life -- i have no brain any longer.

    miss you heaps!!

  3. DAMN it! I missed out on the photo album! That was beautiful! I'm always too late with these things. Grrr. Anyways, how are you my dear? I love my Jo cards and I showed them off, along with Alicia's creations at my art fair...don't worry, not to sell...but to show people that there is a world of us out there doing this altered art/mixed media/collage stuff. Oooo and I've just noticed there is more Maude and Mabel stuff in your shop...buggering off there now...may be sometime....

  4. oooh such lovely items! Bless those two gin swigin' dears.
    Hope ou've been well Jo- we are overdue a yap I think- I'll call you soon

    Rainey J