Sunday, 28 November 2010

I Pray You Hear My Song Of A Nest.

Getting very excited now, as it's only a couple of weeks until we move into our new home. You can see it here. The kitchen needs some work. I shall eventually take out those horrid units and have free standing stuff instead, but that will have to wait a while.

I've been indulging in lots of interior design porn, as you can imagine, so here's a few inspirational images. The Nordic shabby look is still winning at the moment!

These images are all from Jeanne D'arc Living

I also love the grey/blues of this look, but it may look a little cold in reality.
(image from Birger et Mikkelson)

 I have some deluded fantasy that my many collections of junk/treasure will be sorted into something aesthetically pleasing like this. Ha ha!

Taken from the fabulous book, etc by Sibella Court.

Ok, time for coffee, cake and oh, is that my new Country Living magazine there? ............


  1. well.. i love it all!!

    your new home has some wonderful spaces and window areas to work with and the gardens are quite sweet..looks like home, sweet home, to me!

  2. Oh I'm so excited for you! The spaces look fantastic and the windows are amazing!!! Congrats on getting such a great place, Jo.

    I sold real estate here in the states and I can't for the life of me figure out what "no chain" means on the listing. Unless is that a chain of title? When I read that I picture a house not being chained down and floating away. : )

  3. I am so excited for you Jo! and you picked out the two books that will influence my new place too! we will have to compare photos one day!! x0

  4. I await more photos of your new space all decorated up in a wonderful style!

  5. Jo - you're excitment over this new "project" is palpable. I'm getting very excited myself!!
    The inspiration photos are gorgeous. And I think the brightening up of the cooler colour with some hot colours like in that photo with the cushions, looks awesome! You are going to have SO much fun!!

  6. OMG - I'm a total retard when it comes to grammar. That's "Your" not "you're"! Ha ha.

  7. ooh, i LOVE all of those gorgeous photos and your new home is divine!! i just love it!! i've been so sick and not online in so long that i'm not even sure if you've moved house yet or not so please do let me know (and please let me know your new address as we have a parcel here to send out one of these weeks).

    much love to you all!! let's chat soon -- i miss you heaps!