Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lucifer's Photographs.

We're very proud and excited, here in the old homestead, as Simon has been asked to exhibit his photographs in the shops of the infamous shoe makers, Jeffery-West. 

They are renowned, worldwide for their beautiful, hand tooled shoes and grace the feet of some very famous men.
For the first 8 weeks, the photographs will be in the Leeds shop; decorated in fabulous Victorian/ gothic style, Si's images should fit in wonderfully.

After that, they will move down to the London shop, where Si will be having a private viewing.

You can also read the story of 'Lucifer's Boots', a darker take on the Elves and the Shoemaker, with fabulous illustrations from John Welding.

To coincide with this event, Simon is having a giveaway on his blog, 'the fallen angel social club' Every 6th new follower of his blog will receive 6 postcard style photographs, signed by the artist. Giveaway ends on 6th June. Do we see a pattern here?

Images courtesy of Shadowshow


  1. I should get you to write my blog posts for me :-)

  2. totally fabulous Jo..congratulations to Simon! His photos will look quite at home in that chic Victorian shop!

  3. I'm impressed! Congrats to Simon.

  4. What beautiful photographs and super congrats to Simon. My grandfather used to tell me about when he came here from Russia-he worked as a shoe stitcher for Delman Shoes. (still around today) I remember feeling so sad when I found out the shoes were too expensive for him to buy for my grandmother.
    Thanks so much for sharing info on the exhibit. Just visited Fallen Angel Social Club blog. Must have missed it but didn't see a place to be a follower!

  5. scroll right to the very top and on the generic blogger menu bar is follow :-)

  6. wow! i love the last pictures alot!

    hugs from sweden! :)

  7. i so love si's work and am so proud of him. both of you! you both are two of my favorite artists in the world!

    lovelove these photos!

  8. Hi Jo,
    How lucky can I get to be a winner from The Fallen Angel Social Club give away. Can't believe how very blessed I am. Thank you for all your help to be able to follow his blog and so glad that through your blog I discovered Simon's gorgeous work!!! :)