Monday, 12 March 2012

Fare Thee Well Barton Hall

This is final goodbye to our beloved Barton Hall. Today is the day that all the artists have to be out, before it is handed over to people who will turn it into an hotel and spa!

So, farewell to....   Simon's 'Attic of Doom'

the view from the window......
the beautiful staircase......
....and stained glass window.

Goodbye to the Open Studios and Art Fairs, that helped to promote and encourage all artists and artisans... and to the people who worked hard to make it happen...

..not forgetting the wonderful tearoom and Kelly's fabulous cakes!

 The champagne and absinthe fuelled Burlesque evening is one that will go down as a night to remember....

...and goodbye to the ghosts who roamed the corridors...

and also to the stone bench, where I would sit for an illicit cigarette... (yes, I know, you don't need to say it!)
...and look at the beautiful orangery (before vandals broke every pane of glass!)
...the dovecote....
....playing hide and seek with the children and collecting pine cones in winter.

....but most of all I will miss the people and camaraderie of a creative community. Here's hoping it won't be too long before we find another.

(extra photos courtesy of Carolyn Bushell)


  1. It must be hard to leave.........
    I hope you find another place soon.

  2. Oh what a wonderful place! I do hope you find somewhere with the history and character of Barton Hall.

  3. Wow, that place looks incredible. Such a shame you have to move out. It must have been so inspiring to have an artistic community within those walls.

  4. Its amazing and so sad it will be turned into a spa!!!! how awesome you were able to work there even though it was cut short.

  5. Oh so sad.. so beautiful a place for creativity. What is it about boys and smashing glass???
    I hope that you will find another magical place soon Jo.