Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Floozies Are Off On A Jolly!

Bonjour my blogging buddies.

Well, times have been a little hard and dreary lately,

I know, I'll get in touch with Rainey; she'll know what to do!

Jo - "Hello. Rainey, I'm a bit cheesed off at the moment. What can I do to cheer myself up?"

Rainey - "Hello Jo, I know the very thing. Let's go to Dinan in France. It'll be great!"

Jo - "That sounds wonderful, but what about the children?"

Rainey - "Ah, hush now. Haven't they got their daddies to look after them?     
Jo - "Yes, you're right. Ah, I can see it now.........

.....coffee in little french cafes

.....a beer or two..
...maybe a little.....

Rainey - " No Jo, there'll be none of that!"

Jo - " Ahem.....No, no, of course not, I was only joking"....

Rainey - "let's not forget treasure hunting...

...and a few glasses of red wine of course...."

"Hurrah! France here we come!"

Jo - "...and no Rainey, you can't bring your bike"

"Quick, it's Jim and Simon; they're on to us! Pedal faster!" 


  1. LOL!! well done and do have a glass of wine for me while I whine that I am left behind!! we should do a floozy party in France for sure one day and all get together!! oh my goddess!! that would be a fun time!! so much Brocante and so little time!!

  2. ah by jaysus you're a pantomime..a tonic even! I nearly splurted the screen! Everyone huddled over mey shoulders laughing their arses off!!I love the shot of us two dancing heheh I think you should do another one of these .. What are we up to next Jo?
    muchly hugglys


  3. Hella funny and SO cute Jo!!! I loved every *single* part of your "conversation". I'm on the phone with Alicia and am telling her to get over this instant so she can have a chuckle as well.

  4. i so love this! this is the happiest blog post ever! you girls are so precious and i wish i lived in france so i could see you when you arrive. what a blast you two will have!! love your convo and all of your lovely photos.

    hugs to you both!!!

    (...and maybe a little...) ;)

  5. what a creative and super post. Love the pictures and the wonderful story line. Just bought my ticket! See you soon!! :)

  6. What a great post, I love the photos you chose for your commentary. Happy travels!

  7. I would love to join you, petal...too much to do here though... but there will be other opportunities I hope! I AM jealous though!!!!