Monday, 24 May 2010

Shame On Me!

It recently occurred to me that I have never done a blog giveaway despite having taken part in many and winning 3!

So I shall reciprocate and my next post will give you all the chance to enter and win.....something!  I'm not yet sure what you'll win; I'm still working on that. 

I like the photo caption competition like I won (ha ha!) on Tristan's blog Enchanted Revelries, so I think it will be that format. So keep your eyes peeled, your ears keen and minds sharp. Back soon. x


  1. way fun! looking forward to it! and love the Mother Angelica poster!!

  2. The nun brought back horrific memories hahahaha
    I love your blog!!


  3. what fun, my sweet! i need to do something like that too -- it's been quite awhile since i've given anything away. and lucky you for being a 3x winner! wowz!