Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cold Comfort

I thought it was about time for an update on our two favourite elderly ladies.....
Mabel knew christmas had arrived when Maud said that she might turn on the second bar of the electric heater.

Of course, they always used to have a roaring log fire in the old days...........
........but wood and coal became so expensive and since they had to let Seth go after that unfortunate incident with their great-niece, Olivia, well........
.....things haven't been the same since and the poor dears are reduced to living in one, large and draughty room with insufficient heating. (Mabel still hasn't forgiven Maud for giving Seth his marching orders and who can blame her?)

They are in desperate need of boosting up their income by selling off various knick knacks from the vast attics of their home.  So lets see what they have for us today.

Antique Baby Gown
Vintage Huckaback Towel

Vintage French Book
Victorian Needlecase
Vintage  Faux Pearl Brooch
Vintage French Postcards

Maud & Mabel would be most awfully grateful should you wish to purchase anything, or even just for stopping by. They are also not ashamed to admit that after Christmas eve, the gin level is a little low. (Mabel should never have left Maud on her own.)


  1. I agree- I think their big mistake was letting Seth go. LOL! What a fun post. Will look at what Maud and Mabel have to sell. Happy New Year!

  2. Ahhhh but you certainly couldn't tar brother Reuben with the same brush. Seth was just the bad seed in the family. Miss Post could've told Olivia that...perhaps even schooled her in the finer ways of the gentry? Anyway, after having a good ol' laugh, I have to say teh vintage postcards are just my cuppa tea!

  3. Hmmm, on second thoughts Maud regrets her hasty decision. No wonder she took to the bottle.

  4. Every family needs a black sheep! Now who will they talk about? Best tell Maude to stop drinking and work out how she's going to fix this situation, LOL! Gorgeous baby gown Jo!

  5. oooh, such lovely goodies!! adore them all! and of course love your very fun post!

    how goes the move? i hope you're getting settled. please send me your new address as i have a teeny tiny little new home present for you.


  6. Hallo
    Yes, the little tin suitcase is beautiful !!
    I love it.
    Thank you
    Tine :-)