Thursday, 6 January 2011

Love In A Cold Climate.

As you know, I'm having a love affair with all things Nordic, so this week I shall be posting some links to my favourite blogs that reflect that style.

First off is Franciskas Vakre Verden or Franciska's Beautiful World. She is a photographer and writer for the interiors magazine Maison.

Filled with beautiful imagery this blog is a real inspiration and if you head over now, she is giving away a collection of beautiful, creamy handmade lace. (Click here for post.)

All photos courtesy of Franciskas Vakre Verden.


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! when you first starting posting all of these wonderful photos a couple of weeks ago or so i was sad 'cause i knew i couldn't do anything that cool or pretty in this house but now that i'm moving out, i'm feeling just as inspired as you. you're a rock star and i love (and miss) you!

    happy day, gorgeous lady!!! thank you too. xxx

  2. Lovely post Jo!! Thanks for sharing. Happy in your new home?

    xxx Kirsten