Saturday, 26 March 2011

Just found a blog by Annalea Hart with some lovely tutorials for re-using old cardigans and embroidered cloths. You can find the cardigan one here.

Ok gang, now go dig out your cashmere!


  1. fabulous Jo.. love the repurposing and it's so good it doesn't even look recycled. Cashmere is also great when felted! hope the new home is coming together!

  2. Oh my I am loving this .Embroidery and re purposed what a fab idea TX

  3. Helloooo Jo! I love this idea - how cool is that with the old cardy, aye? Especially liking the lampshade!
    Oh and nice to see some more Maude and Mabel. I somehow missed that last posting of yours. And darlink, you really must update your sidepanel link to me. I've changed my blogger address to:

  4. Hey JO!!! long time no talk too...hope all is well? What a great idea---thanks for sharing. I too LOVE Robin's sits on my nightstand every night. In fact, I reminded her again the other day wanting to know when she was going to come do my home? LOL