Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Path

I recently submitted a piece of artwork for a book and although it wasn't successful, I'm still pretty happy with what I created.  The theme I chose was 'My worst fear'. That fear is something happening to my children.

I used both of my own children in this piece, which made it more poignant for me. You can see some of the photos from that shoot here.

I wanted to base it on a fairytale genre, eg. always stay on the path, never go in the woods. My daughter, Kitty is wearing a red coat and my son, Nico, a red hooded top. There are obvious nods to Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel.

There are four canvases, each revealing a little more of the children's journey through the woods.........

Waifs and Strays
The children are walking safely on the path.

Not Alone
The boy sees something off to the side and points it out to his sister.

A Very Dark Shadow
The children leave the safety of the path and go to investigate, forgetting the warnings of going into the woods.

Forsaken Again
The path is now empty. The children have gone. 


  1. this is a lovely and very honest piece Jo.The photos are almost haunting... As a parent i think that all of our worst fears surround our children..the older we all become it only becomes more complicated.

  2. Amazing piece once again Jo! your art is incredible!


  3. this is beautiful jo, the last picture, if you look at it with open eyes, has a large face in it from the shadows and you added the quote which are the lips or speech.

  4. This is stunningly beautiful. Completely stopped me in my tracks and I found I was holding my breath while reading. Very powerful. Penny

  5. i could have sworn i commented on this. LOVE these pieces! i thought of that too, something happening to our kiddos, and you captured it beyond perfectly here too. that is the scariest thought in the world, but you made it so beautiful.

  6. So glad to have "found" your blog......
    lots of beauty and inspiration here.