Friday, 20 November 2009

If Only!

Just a quick note to everyone who has commented on my new banner; I wish that I had painted it myself, but it is a public domain image from....... (you're gonna be surprised!)...... the one and only...


It's called "Skull With Burning Cigarette".

Good to know the old masters still have a few tricks up their sleeve.


  1. absolutely unbelieveable! great image!

  2. Yes I like the skeleton & it looks fab against the girly pink! I used to have a T-shirt with smokey on ti -bought it in Portobello Mkt in the late 80s. He was supposedly a joker when he was a student. Have you see The Bat? I like that one's mad they're so of today. People don't really change -Vincent was as much a messer as students are today!He fits right in now in modern times as opposed to the problems he encountered during his time.

  3. I love this painting, one of my faves of Van Gogh's. Looks great here juxtaposed with the pink and lace border.

  4. I noticed your new banner a few days ago--- thought you might have gotten it from David Sedaris' new book WHEN YOU ARE ENGULFED IN FLAMES.
    would have never guessed it is a Van Gogh.

  5. Yes Rainey, love the Bat. In fact he did some fabulous work when he stopped being maudlin and painting sunflowers and bloody cypress trees!

  6. Van Gogh? Who would have thunk it? It seems so today!