Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Treasure From Overseas!

I have been taking part in an Altered Assemblage round robin for the last few months and my original piece finally winged it's way home across the Atlantic. It arrived beautifully changed by the people who worked on it, Alicia, Kerin and Rachel. I'm so thrilled and will always treasure it.

Finished Altered Assemblage

the beautiful inside..

Alicia added the Charlottes to represent the four women who took part in the challenge.

However....... not only did Alicia post back my piece, but inside the box, it looked like this!


Beautiful ATC's by Alicia

The legendary Altoid Tin (always wanted one of these) and gorgeously wrapped chocolate.

Very cool lab stuff.

Oooooh.... what's in this lovely box?

Tiny treasure!

Simon got quite excited about this; apparently he used to use these as Flash Gordon's rocket when he was a child!


Gorgeous wrappings that can all be used again!

I even loved the newspaper wrapping. It's great to see the different sort of food that's sold in other countries.

So there you have it; my box full of treasure, from Alicia, who's kindness and thoughtfulness is overwhelming.

Thank you x


  1. love finding treasure in the post! your finished piece looks great!

  2. How cool is that! I LOVE magpie-magic mixes!She really is v.thoughtful-you've obviously made an impression there missy!-not surprised at all!I suppose I can tell you now(even though ehem I was honest enough to put a little ammendment to my Int Art Swap post) that Alicia should only be rec. my participating piece tomorrow or Fri. I know it should have been there bfore but heyho I'm a lackdaisical pumkin head when it comes to deadlines.Haven't rec. anything yet yet & I'm BURSTIN' with the freakin' anticipation!-it's like Christmas!

  3. I like the phrase "magpie magic" Rainey. I've had 2 things back so far, but poor Alicia is going to lose out because I could only get 2 people to participate! I tried all my arty friends, but only you and Deborah wanted to play! I will have to make her something myself.

    Thanks Dolce Vita!

  4. it is always fun to get a treasure box in the mail-- and of course you should keep all the wrappings!

  5. Oh I am another Rainey in the tardy department I'm afraid. I have yet to mail Alicia's piece. I feel so guilty about it. I have it done but haven't got it ready to mail yet. I'm in Indianapolis tomorrow so it will probably be Thursday or - dare I say it? - Friday. But it WILL be on it's way by the weekend! My always koo-koo life went even further into outer space than usual the past couple of weeks.

    Your group assemblage piece is GORGEOUS!! And boy did you get some wonderful treasures from Alicia to boot!!

    By the way, I love the Flash Gordon rocket!!XXOO

  6. What a great post Jo!
    I love the assemblage!!! I can see where you would cherish it with all of its significance.
    What fun opening all the little treasures too. :o)
    So sorry I was away when you did your art exchange. When I got back someone caught up with me though... lol

  7. flash! ahahhhh!

    i cannot believe that i never made that connection, being the huge flash gordon whore that i was as a child. that is so eerily cool!

    and i'm so very glad you've enjoyed your bundle! i feel like my "i can't wait to see what you do with that butterfly" comment could be taken as bitchy, but hopefully not. lol.

    i am LONG overdue for a "best stripy legwarmers in the world" post. omg, i wear the heck out of these beauties! i don't think i've had a pair since the 80s but thanks to you, my sweet friend, i am ever so cool now! they are so "in" here now -- pretty funny, really. i just think they are cozy.

    i hope the chocolate was better than hershy's! ;) i haven't had that kind before but the wrapper was so very sweet.

    next package, i'll send wrapping from here. that paper came from rachel, i think. or kerin. or both perhaps. it was coastal newspaper -- that's all i could tell. ;) speaking of packages, finn made me post a wee envelope to nico the other day. you should likely have it by monday or wedensday? somewhere in there.


  8. oooh, and i am reading that i have packages en route to me. yippee! i love rainy! our mail is a day late since there wasn't any yesterday for veterans day. so tomorrow! i'm as giddy as can be!

  9. The chocolate was lovely Alicia. I know you said to share it with Simon, but unfortunately he wasn't there when I opened it, so.......

  10. What a gorgeous altered assemblage you received. It's just amazing, so detailed- love the hand and the 4 charlottes and the doors that open and close to hold all that magical essence inside- just waiting to be released!! Just beautiful and what a wonderful post! You were all so lucky to work on this project together!

  11. Jo! Somehow (and I really don't know how!). I missed this fabulous posting of yours! Wow you are clever girls! The finished assemblage is just incredible - so beautiful, so perfect, in every way! And Alicia's goodies are to die for. She is so very generous that lovely lady.

  12. Love this!!! However, if you ever need Altoid tins let me know. I can send you hundreds.

  13. What a sensational collaboration. And how sweet of Alicia to send all those treasures back too!

  14. WOW! That assemblage piece with the Charlottes is AMAZING!!!