Monday, 17 August 2009

The Crow Whisperer

Finally I have some photos of my latest piece, "The Crow Whisperer" (in honour of my friend Eric!) Hope you like it.

All of the images have been printed on to fabric.

I am actually still looking for the perfect "something" to put in the little round hole of the watch part. I may use a tiny black feather. What do you think?

The image above is of Edgar Allen Poe's wife Virginia, who died quite young. It is printed on muslin, which allows the text of "The Raven" to show through.


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  2. Your blog is gorgeous ... I see we like some of the same bloggers ... great to find you ;)

  3. Thank you, I've only had it up and running a few weeks, so I'm so glad you like it!

  4. this is amazing and wonderful and oh so beautiful! fabulous piece, jo!!

  5. Jo thanks so much for posting my little video-you're a real sweetheart! As you know (over in CS)I love this artpiece of yours,it's mysterious & proud in s dark way- so are you going to insert the tiny feather into the watch part?
    I've so much to do today in preparation for the market. I ALWAYS leave this to the last minute but this time I'm trying to be prepared so as I can get some sleep the night before the event!!It's 'the getting started' but after that I'm a non stop machine hehe!ok so I'm a-waiting for that feeling to 'get started' dum-dee-dum-dee-dum


  6. That's ok, my partner, Simon and daughter Kitty watched it too and they loved it.

    I've just sold The Crow Whisperer already! I finally put a some text in the watch part (wings rustling) and found a tattered black feather that I put alongside the quote at the top. Just finished it off nicely. I've now got to ship it it to Canada!

  7. Love this Jo! It's so awesome and it's wonderful to see you have a blog now! I'm off to add a link here from mine. ;)