Monday, 24 August 2009

A Re-working Of The Original "Sideshow"

This is the original.

I sold my collage "Sideshow" to one of my favourite customers a few weeks ago and happily posted it off to the US. After 3 weeks she still hadn't received it, so I refunded the money and prepared to try and re-create the original for her. (A near impossibility; they never work out the same!)

Anyway, the next day she sent me a message to say it had arrived. Hurrah! So I was left with a half finished copy of the original which I've been tinkering about with and this is the result.

"Post No Bills"


  1. oh my gosh -- the first half of your post made my tummy feel funny and not in a good way. i am soooooo so glad she received it! that is just awful. and how very cool that you are creating a new one. i LOVE that piece, as you know. i must start working more so i can buy some art! ;)

  2. Love the layers here. And so glad the original piece arrived safetly.

  3. i really like how you have evolved the piece -- very cool!:)


  4. Thanks all; she has a bit of a bare spot behind her head that needs sorting still. Funny how I just noticed that!

  5. This is so cool Jo! And absolutely terrifying when your buyer still hasn't received the original.. That happened to me once on Ebay and I was sent in to a right tail spin! Then, just as I was about to make ammends by replicating...they received it! The sense of relief was indescribable. Phew! I didn't have to replicate (I hate replicating - it's so boring to me; I'm always onto the "next" exciting project, not the one I left behind!).