Saturday, 22 August 2009


postcards#59, originally uploaded by done.and.dusted.

A beautiful new photograph from my partner Simon. (Shadowshow)


  1. Well HELLO Jo! I can't believe I haven't been to visit you either! Actually, I didn't even know you had a blog until, well, now! So hello, hello! I am so hanging out to go and visit Alicia's blog too, but as you probably know, I'm not allowed to until I get her little box of goodies.

    Ooooh and I love Simon's latest photograph btw - it's got that old Beach Boys cover feel to it, which simply rocks. And as for your other entries, I'm loving the family shots and of course your artwork! Beautiful. I'm adding you to my fav. blogs list...catch up again soon!!

  2. i absolutely adore this photo! you two are ever so talented!!

  3. Such a great image. Wish I were right there, right now!

  4. Thanks both, I'll pass on your comments to Simon.

    Seth you probably wouldn't be so thrilled if you actually saw this place; it's Hunstanton on the east coast of England. Si just makes it look good. He's been working on a series of 50's style surf images but it's difficult, given where we live!

    There's more of his work in Shadowshow (link on the right if you're interested.)