Sunday, 25 October 2009

Anthropologie Hits The UK

After finally getting around to reading last weeks Sunday Times, the Style magazine revealed that Anthropologie are opening a shop in England. Hurrah!

However, it is in London, which to us Middle Englanders may as well be New York as we rarely travel further south than Northampton!

But exceptions may have to be made and these are a few of the reasons why............




Oh yeah baby!...

More, more!...

Umm, sorry folks, got a little carried away there! It's a sad day when I am turned on by the sight of covetable homewares!


  1. you will love it! we have one in Denver and I plan a big trip now and then to get my inspiration fix. it is great to be excited about beauty!

  2. Hi sweetie!

    thanks for stoppin' by the Yaya! My "FAV" store!!!! Everyone of these in the states are all done different...yet, still have the "feeling". It is definitely worth the trip!

    Have a beautiful & creative week...xo...deb

  3. well I get really hot under the collar over vintage feather eiderdowns! LOVE them I do oh yeah & the more paisley ,roses & duck egg blue the better!We have Avoca here & they do a similar range of clothing & homeware but very expensive. I know that Edun clothing(owned by Bono's wife Ally Hewson) worked with Anthropologie this year on some clothing too.I love Cabbages & Roses-got a really nice green coat from them when I was in Bath last year.Unfortunately it is not 'fitted' & now a year later I have a liitle more weight on me especialy around the bust & I just look like a fat green triangle!
    Thanks so much Jo for your encouraging words on my work. I really appreciate your f/b.


  4. I quite understand! Oooh aaahhh indeed!

  5. How fabulous... that is one of absolute favorites.. I can get lost in that store.... for a very long time.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    xx Trina

  6. lol... you're so funny Jo... but I DO understand! :o)

    Thanks so much for all your comments on my blog, including're very kind.. and yes... I think you would like my daughter... very goth/independent.

    Hope you get down to London! Don't forget to wander through Highgate!

  7. there's alot to behold at Anthropologie..its a visual feast for the mind and the sales are pretty awesome too!

  8. your blog hates me and has deleted my comment TWICE. hmmph.

    i was saying that i don't know if we have one here but i'm off to look. i typically hate shopping unless it's hole in the wall antique stores or random junk shops but this could convert me.

    i have a homeware fetish too.

  9. The artist you are, you will get tired of Anthropology. I know I did. That chain store thing...trying to do the eclectic thing and be cool. I was excited by them too at first but it is not that groovy in a mall.

  10. I think you're right Johanna. I can't bear shopping centres, I get really stressed and can never find what I want as they're too big. Give me a little old junk shop any day! (Wouldn't mind a little peek at this first though)