Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Bicycle Basket Bazaar

Recycled treasures, arts and crafts, all sold from bicycle baskets. Brilliant! Next bazaar on Halloween at The Fishmarket, Northampton.


  1. what a cool idea! love the Dia De Los Muertos papel picado image!

  2. Oh I really wish I could do this! Wouldn't it be peachy? I could use my magic bike which has such a lovely basket.If only it had a flying mechanism I could pop over to you Jo & give you a backer!
    p.s had to leave the exhibition early as I had a friggin' nosebleed AAAHgh typical!

  3. Hi Jo I tried to connect with you on face book but no luck finding you. I am in the art challenge and will be mailing you an piece in the morning!
    Anitra Fritz

  4. Day of the dead on bikes! What a hoot! Check those parcels carefully, LOL!