Sunday, 11 October 2009

Barton Hall Artists... continued

Carolyn Bushell

Today I'm continuing my featured artists with the very talented and gorgeously funky Carolyn Bushell.

Carolyn is an artist who draws and paints musicians, past and present. She captures incredible movement and expression in her work that make the paintings so realistic.

(All images the property of the artist and not to be used without prior permission. Thank you)


Anarchy in the UK

Marilyn Manson

Not dark yet, but it's getting there.
(Bob Dylan)

Robert Johnson

Method in my madness


John R. Cash

Pan..and the children shall follow
(Jim Morrison)

Greek Tragedy
(John Lennon)


  1. Hello Jo! These are paintings? Blimey, I thought they were photographs. I guess she gets that a lot, huh? Well, bloomin' amazing is the catch cry here. Thank you for introducing us to such a talented lady.

    Unfortunately, I think Pulp Redux is closed. Lisa considered a 6th participant but it didn't really go anywhere. Let me have another looksie on the blog.

    Of course, if it is successful, then we will most probably do another one, and you will be first on the invite list without a shadow of a doubt!

  2. Thanks deb, It's my own fault. I was invited but turned it down due to too much on my plate! I'll do the next one.

    Yes Carolyn is brilliant isn't she. They're even better close up!

  3. Hiya Jo! how have you been?
    Fantastic talent! This is what I used to do for a living and I know it takes such discipline. I think the way Carolyn captured Jim Morrison's pose is astounding ... there is no giving it away in the face here you know?& yet you KNOW it is of him. So very cool.


  4. she is fantastically amazing! thank you so much for sharing. and i too share her adoration for many of these people so it made it even more exciting to see them... not to mention the fact that she is astoundingly talented!

    just so you know, here is a paragraph i posted i response to debrina's blog:

    i soooooo wish jo was playing. jo, we are taking a year or more to do this -- at least a month per book so please just think about it again, if even for a split second, lady!

    maybe two months per book. if you are too busy, i totally understand (mostly because i'm too busy too, but shhh), but it doesn't feel entirely the same without you... 'cause i loves ya!


  5. I got confused as I scrolled down the images-- some of them look like photos-- Carolyn is very talented -- all I can say is WOW.

  6. Nope Donna, they are all painted!

  7. Wow...I can't believe these are not photographs! What amazing talent!