Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Art Swap!

Fancy receiving lots of fabulous artwork in return for making only one piece? Then let me know if you want to join in and I'll send you the details. There are some great artists taking part; it would be a shame to miss out!

This is the tin that I made and is now winging it's way to Jill in New York!


  1. i soooo love this and know that jill will be giddy with bliss when she opens it! this is such an amazing and gorgeous gift!!

    i've posted on my blog about the exchange too, and have send an email to one person whom i think may be interested in playing as well. i'll keep you posted, sweets. i can't imagine anyone NOT wanting to do this!


  2. So cool, Jo! I've yet to send Seth's off yet.

  3. Love your tin Jo. I'll bet Jill loves it. Must post mine off today too and get the blog post up.For some strange reason small tins are hard to get here. Must be all the closet altered artists hanging on to them, LOL!

  4. Thanks all.
    Kim, small tins are hard to find here too; that one came from some mints I bought in Berlin, specifically because I wanted to alter it! If I come across a stash I'll send you a couple!

  5. Your tin look amazing and I'm sure Jill will be so pleased to receive such a lovely treasure!

  6. Hi sweetie!

    Thanks for droppin' in at the Yaya, and yes I have been approached many times about doing a book. But, alas---no time! :) So for now I will just have the blog. Thank you so much for your interest though!

    Art swaps are always a lot of fun...especially with people from other countries! Have fun with it and can't wait to see more pics....xo...deb

  7. Soooo sorry I couldn't participate in your swap Jo.... I think it would have been so much fun to see what surprise comes your way.

    I've added you to my blog list btw... duh... took me long enough eh? :oÞ

  8. Dear Jo,
    I received my mail today and could never imagine such a precious treasure that you've made and sent. What a beautiful "artifact" from long ago that's traveled across the seas-an old antique "find" — surely from a sunken ship-that was carrying the worldly goods of royalty. The bejeweled covering with pearls and compass and the endearing heart on top touch my heart so! And how can I describe the inside of this treasure? On the one side is a weathered map that has luckily survived the ages, and carries more jewels of the sea. On the other side, there's a beautiful princess who stands beside a pile of gold, pearls and precious stones. She's gazing out toward the sea-with hovering clouds overhead. Pensive-she's dreaming of the new life she will find in the distant land ahead. She is silent in anticipation, with hidden joy and an optimism that she's never felt before.

    What a stunningly amazing tin jeweled treasure box Jo. I will treasure this special gift always.
    ox Jill

  9. Hi Jill, I'm so pleased it arrived quickly and that you like it. Your wonderful description is exactly how I wanted the piece to look!


  10. Jo.. thanks so much for all the lovely comments about my work. I wanted to do this exchange but it was not going to happen.. bet its a lot of fun getting cool art in the mail!

  11. Jo ...how are you? Just saw the lovely comment you left on Lisa's blog and thought, how's Jo? Been yappering to Alicia on the phone. She loves you to bits...I said, how dare you have more than me as a friend Alicia. Ha ha. Of course, I suppose I can share my stripey socked friend with you. Hang on - don't you wear stripey socks too?

  12. Hi Deb, I'm fine thanks, just very bogged down with stuff at the moment, so haven't had to a chance to keep in touch yet, but I do always check your blog and ~I'm following the Pulp Redux. You are all doing some amazing work.

    I'm sure you're still the lovely Alicia's best friend, however, she did send me a box of goodies, so watch out! lol

    Yes, I too am of the stripy sock persuasion. I think we should make it our gang theme; you can't be in it unless you wear stripy socks!

    Hope you're well, speak soon. xxx

  13. What an amazing creation you made for Jill. Really very unique and truly stunning!