Thursday, 7 January 2010

Caravan Style

Lovely video and song for the shop Caravan. Enjoy! 

Oh Bokja! Be still my beating heart!
For those with a passion for the new "Luxecycling", check out 
these beautiful examples of modern patchwork. 
Unfortunately though, they don't come at homespun prices, but 
for eye candy and inspiration, they are fabulous!


  1. oh good gawd divine rosary of alawishious(?) they're ..they're they're things of my fickle mind's eye-I'm feeling faint!The third one down oh good jeeeeeeeezus ! I am affected

  2. I knew you'd love it Rainey. Hey we're talented, creative women, we can do something like this! Bwahahahaha! Actually there's a project, upholster a chair or sofa in similar style. (I'd need at least 5 years)

  3. oh ! these beauties look like forbidden fruit to me!!! LOL! thanks for your kind remarks about the Dottie Angel post...we earth mothers have to stick together!

  4. OH Wow These are so wonderful..I do wish they would at least one appear in my home..LOL..

    I just found your blog..I like it.

  5. Oh those sofas!!! I want them all! Makes me want to leap up, rush out and start taking upholstery classes, when in actual fact, leaping anywhere, at this particular moment, would lead me to skidding over, flat on my backside. So I must suppress my excitement!