Thursday, 28 January 2010

Fleamarket Floozies!

As you know, myself and some blogging buddies are doing the thrifty challenge that dottie angel started.
Well the lovely Debrina set up the Barter Circle and I've now set up a sister page with Rainey and Kirsten on Facebook called Fleamarket Floozies. All welcome to join, if you want to play the game.


  1. Yes indeedy! Who knows how big this thing will get (hopefully not too big though, as it has a nice family feel to it!). Brilliant idea Jo! Just brilliant.

  2. Thank to Jo..i've joined..deb are you on facebook????

  3. This is beautiful work and still trying to work out what the clubs are about lol
    hugs June xxx

  4. Thanks June. The logo is actually designed by Rainey,

    The group is just a place to swap any unwanted things with other members. It's that simple! There is more info. on the group page.