Monday, 11 January 2010

Vintage Tattoo Style Canvas

I've just finished this painting for my nephew and have since had a few people ask me to do a similar one for their own children. Just wondering whether to do a set of vintage style tattoo images on canvas for sale on Etsy. I could then personalise them when they are ordered.

I thought perhaps, the old rose and heart, skull and roses designs too. But they have to look kitsch and cool, not cheesy!

What do you think?


  1. I think it is a brilliant idea, and I have never seen you do anything cheesy!!! this is wonderful!

  2. GO for it! They won't look cheesy because you KNOW what cheesy resembles so that problem is not actually a problem at all!To personalise is a great idea for etsy. Now GET to it!

  3. Hello Jo - I think it's a brilliant idea! I LOVE it - such a cool spin on the tattoo theme. Hell, I'd get that one with my son's name on it on my arm, lol! Oooh and the new barter circle button looks great on your blog - thanks so much for spreading the word. Crusty Crafters, hee hee! Very cool - I love it!! Alicia is trying to organise a skype conference for us three if you're up for it. I think we'll probably be giggling our arses off for most of the time to be honest!!

  4. Thanks gang, you are all so supportive. Deb, send me your skype username and I'll add you. I've been trying to get Rainey J too, then we'll have a real league of nations!

  5. Umm, perhaps I shouldn't be so hasty in posting. I've just finished a second design, which turned out really well, then paled at the thought of a third. It suddenly struck me that if, by chance, anyone were to order a canvas, I could not produce the same few images over and over. I'd be bored to death and it would seem like a chore. One offs only!

  6. This is such a cool idea Jo. I love this one but totally understand about not wanting to do the same thing over and over. It is hard doing my book because I have to do the stepped out parts for each project and it is agony! Some days I am bored to tears.

    What about making prints and then putting those on canvas and painting in each unique name?