Thursday, 17 December 2009


Just discovered this beautiful photograph of my great-great-grandmother. I'm hoping to do create a fabric collage for my mother for Christmas using this. Apparently she was a lovely, gentle woman, but unfortunately, I can't remember her name! So I'm on a mission to find out more about her.

Thanks to my cousin, Jill, I now have a name for my lovely ancestor. She was Mary Anne Jennings.


  1. Great photograph Jo. She looks like a very happy 'huggy' woman doesn't she? Must be the time of year or something in the air as I've been using the National Archives website over here & it's wonderful.I've been able to find out the exact addresses of my great great grandparent and I can even see the signature of the head of the household ie my GG Grandfather! I LOVE this sort of thing that you're planning on making ie ancestory art. Your Mum will be so touched I'd say.

  2. Jo, if you need and help at all, do let me know and I'll put my genealogist's hat on x

  3. What a great treasure you have found, Jo. Good luck in your journey to learn more of her. I hope you will share what you find!!!

  4. What a great image. And how inspiring to be able to use a "vintage" family member in your own work!