Saturday, 12 December 2009

Groovy Baby! Yeah! 2

Remember in a previous post I showed the tiles I had made with retro images from 70's teen annuals. I also mentioned the the way the artists portrayed teenage girls in some of the stories. I can only assume they were living out their fantasies on paper! Here's why.........


  1. Hi Jo!

    Love the pics!!! And YES, you can play in the Yaya's Christmas give aways!! :) xo...deb (if you win, we ship everything UPS)

  2. The way women are portrayed in comics in general is a weighty subject. I've been wanting to do some large scale paintings or mosaics that reverse the male roles with women's roles in those depictions.

  3. When women make comics to a much bigger degree, this will change. The few who do now, seem to just conform to the status quo. Unless you're dealing with super-heroes, these simplistic portrayals are majorly dumb!