Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sunday Morning

Ok folks it's........


Then head over to Seth's,
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  1. Love these songs Jo, two of my favs! See ya at Seth's LOL!

  2. hello buddychick,such a mellow tune isn't it? Sunday mornin' lalala dooodoooodooodo
    my fav Beatles Album is Rubber Soul

    Seth's deadline is today and do you think I've sent in the answers? NO last minute harlot..that's what I am!

  3. loving the songs!! i just had to listen to each of them twice.

    i am so loving the look of your blog today! gorgeous new photo!!

    and sorry i havn't been around lately... things with my gramma have been tough and when i'm feeling emotional i disappear. it's nothing personal, promise!

    oh, and finn has collected a few things for nico, but isn't quite done yet. i'm hoping to post this so you can get it before christmas!

    hope all is well with you guys!! miss you!


  4. Thanks ladies, they are great aren't they. I'm a big Lou Reed fan and love this early Velvet Underground one. Oh and not forgetting Nico (my son's namesake!)

    Alicia, don't worry about not being in touch. We know you have more important things to think about. We're here if you need us. Hope your grandma is recovering. xxx

  5. Clever, clever post!! Thanks!