Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Falling In Love Again.....

No, it's not what you think. I am having a big love affair with all things Nordic and Scandinavian. Like most people, I love the shabby chic look for interiors, but recently I have come across lots of blogs from Norway, Denmark and the Netherlands. The beautiful, clean, simplicity of their decor, combined with rustic touches got me quite excited, I can tell you!

I had always been interested in the Gustavian look, but now it's become a passion. Not sure how we'll cope with white walls; the light is very different in England, and I have a very messy family. But I shall persevere!

Favourite places at the moment are:

Images from Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine


  1. dank u mutsh voor de lieve commentaar op mijn blog.
    nl is ook goed om te lezen DAT-je van mijn blog.
    thank you so mutsh.
    hugs from Holland Stipje XxX

  2. yes i love the linen cupboard & the unbleachd stamped linen and the cone and the French stuff and the wood & lace and candlabre and the link within widget thingy ..gonna do that too..and the fluffy little snow falling over your blog whch looks so cool with your banner.

  3. Hey Rainey, here's the link to the script that gives the snow effect. It does make the page jump for a while until it's loaded, which is why I have a white background. It also fits with my new scandinavian love! lol

  4. Thanks, what pleasant surprise to find you! You have a lovely blog and I love your blog name! Your pictures are truly inspiring!

    Hugs from Jenny

  5. Oh yes, me too! My home is arty/tribal/eclectic but I really would love this for a change. Just gorgeous! And I quite fancy your christmas list too.