Sunday, 4 July 2010

England's Dreaming

Detail of 'England's Dreaming' showing original 1902 medal celebrating the coronation of Edward Vll.
(and lovely lace from Alicia, hand dyed by me with peony flowers and rusty key!)

Now for sale on Etsy


  1. gorgeous, gorgeous, lady! i am loving this!! the lace is divine and the chain and medal are so lovely!

    thank you so much for your sweet emails. i must catch up and respond soon -- finn had another bout of the sickies but he seems to be quite well enough to complain that i'm not letting him run around all day. great sign!

    hope you are all wonderful and well. miss you!

  2. This is fantastic Jo!!! You definitely influence my work and this is a wonderful case in point. Very very cool. Oh and along those lines I mentioned you on my blog today for how much you inspire me.

    Now go make some more!!! hehehe