Thursday, 1 July 2010

Mummy Knows Best.

My daughter Catherine (Kitty) has just finished her first year at university and now has to move out of halls and into a shared house. (Do you remember how much fun that was?)

Anyway, I'm getting all excited, with the gleam of decorating madness in my eye. Kit, however, doesn't seem to have inherited that gene. (I'm hoping it's laying dormant, ready to emerge soon!)

Whilst I'm perusing Anthropologie Flea Market Style and Etcetera she rather lamely adds that all she needs is a pair of curtains. Just curtains? I think not!

Gorgeous hanging chair, but very expensive. Time to dust off that macrame book!

Love this throw, again not cheap, but a version of this I can make myself, whether Kitty wants it or not, because Mummy knows best. (For now.)

This type of thing is my vision for student living.....

.....but you just know it's going to be like this.....

But who really cares when you're 19, beautiful and having fun! Just curtains it is then sweetie. x


  1. That was fun! Some great looking rooms and I do love the throw. I look forward to seeing it if you get down to making one.

  2. I chuckled as I read this! So many memories! Hope she has a ball! XO

  3. can't believe you have a daughter that is graduated.. you are way too young.. but then that's what makes you such a great mum! You're right..Etcetera is on everyone's minds..except maybe your daughter's!

  4. i think kitty and i have much in common. i keep telling paul "we just to adultize our house". we look like drunken teens here, seriously. i gave up on the whole desire to decorate or make pretty because the boys break or ruin or stain everything, so now it's probably closest to your last two photos here. i wish you were my mum!!

    that blanket is gorgeous indeed and i know you could make it -- you're the queen of pretties!

    and next, i'm responding to your email. had finn in the hospital yesterday so am quite behind in communication. he's fine now, pretty much, but was very sick for the past several days. hope you four are fantastic!!

  5. p.s. i love the new look of your blog. it's always changing and ever so pretty. :)

  6. What a fabulous post!

    Same here! I can't believe you have a daughter that is graduated.

    These pics are great! Love that hanging chair!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    gaby xo