Sunday, 18 July 2010

La grande évasion!

Well my lovely readers, it's only one week now, until my trip to France with Rainey J.  After our last unsuccessful attempt to enter the country, whereby she was arrested for being drunk in charge of Steampunk supplies, I am happy to report that she managed to knock out the customs man, pick the handcuffs and escape to freedom!

So, we are trying again on July 26th..... preparations are taking place.

Rainey: "Hi Jo, are you looking forward to our holiday?"

Jo: "Oh yes Rainey, it's going to be so relaxing. I hope you're not doing anything special so that you look fabulous when I see you. I want you just as you are."

Rainey: "What me? of course not Jo." (Please, Mary mother of God, don't let my hair fall out.")

Jo:  "No, me neither Rainey, I will meet you for the first time, warts and all!" ("Just another day in this sulpher mud bath and hopefully the small pox scars won't show.")

Jo: "Not going to the gym then, so you have no wobbly bits?"

Rainey: "Hahahaha! As if!"  ("Just another 2 hours on this contraption and she won't know what a big ass I've got.")
Jo: "That's ok then. We'll both be completely natural. Lovely!"


  1. How totally hilarious. Lucky lucky lucky you are. I haven't been to Europe in over 25 years.
    Have a wonderful trip and eat lots of eclairs with champagne.

  2. Hey sweetie!
    GREAT post!!! Y'all have a blast...oh, and don't anything I wouldn't do! (that pretty much leaves it open to anything). LOL xo..deb

  3. I'm terribly jealous, but less so now that I've read your absolutely hilarious commentary. Ha ha. You crack me up. God, you two will have the COOLEST time!!!!!!!! Yep, still jeaslous.

  4. lol.. very funny-- I hope you are having a wondrous, fun filled, happy time there in Europe and be sure to check out all those bakeries and art museums and cobbled streets. come back safe and sound and happy.

  5. aww wishing i would have come along... at least to help carry suitcases. ;-)

  6. i love these fantastically fun and wonderful posts! you are so funny and witty!

    can't wait to see more photos of you two girls... and the video!

  7. I saw your creations earlier today at Warkton Village Craft Market and I thought that they were a real inspiration! I am very interested in vintage antiques and fabric, especially of a French nature. Your photos of Dinan look fab! My blog url is: