Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Introducing Maud & Mabel Vintage.

Maud & Mabel is our new shop on Etsy, set up by me and my friend Billie. Hopefully we will have plenty more goodies in stock soon.

Maud: "We're getting a little cluttered dear. Do you think we should have a clear out?"

Mabel: "Yes Maud, perhaps we could even sell some of it. Everyone's doing it I hear."

Maud: "Sell it? I think mummy would think that rather vulgar." 

Mabel: "Well mummy isn't here and the price of gin and cat food is extortionate!"

Maud: "Very well, dear. Let's have a rummage."


  1. Funny girl!!! Ample gin supplies in the pantry is no trivial thing I'm sure!

    Love the shop and will fav you this instant. : )

  2. ha it reminds me of one of my favourite old B&Ws Arsenic & Old Lace! I love the pic of the teacup saucer etc nonchalantly just happening to be in the field. You should print that one-'twould make a great card!
    chink chink A toast...Here's to Maud & Mable ,the batty dears -may they fill their vintage biscuit tins with lotsa lolly.