Saturday, 3 July 2010

Work In Progress

I'm doing a series of works on book covers at the moment, so here's a sneaky peek. There is a lot more work to do on them, but so far I'm pleased. That in itself is a miracle as I usually loathe everything I make, have lots of tantrums and throwing fits and vow to take up juggling instead. (Mind you, stomping on balls could very therapeutic!)

Anyway, I digress.......

I love the way these look all together, even stuck up with packing tape!

Photograph courtesy of Simon at the fallen angel social club

Glass magic lantern slide bought on my trip to London with Penny from Sparrow Salvage.



  1. well, you cetainly have nothing to loathe.. these are all fabulous works of art and they present a fantastic display together..i adore them favoite is the first and the last though as I really like thosed slices of metal that you've used. embrace your creative have amazing talent and vision...

  2. ooh jo, these are just stunning! i lovelovelove them more than i can eloquently put to words. you are ever so talented! i love how each piece is so different yet so similar. will you be putting these on etsy? i hope! they are fantastic!! (LOVE all the new stuff you've added to your etsy shop, too!!)

  3. These are all really fantastic! I especially love the one with the cross and feather. It looks so simple yet so powerful.

    And I see the remark about being friends with Penny. How fun!!!

  4. These are terrific! I have often thought that vintage books offer a fabulous canvas. You have done a wonderful job with these.