Thursday, 15 July 2010

Seth's Buried Treasure

Seth Apter at The Altered Page  has come up with a great idea to introduce bloggers to each other. 
Today all participants will re-post their favourite post from their own blog. Seth will put up a list of the blogs on his page and voila! Lots of cool new blogs to go and visit.

My favourite post is the one I did last year after a very difficult summer. I'm happy to say that those particular problems have been resolved and we're back to being a normal dysfunctional family again. So for anyone who is going through a very difficult time, just remember....
    "everything is transient, all things must change" 

First posted 24/08/09
The Lost Summer
This is a series of small images I have made that relates to the rather difficult time we have had over the past few weeks. each picture is created on an original Victorian holiday photograph, again to symbolise summer.

Things now seem to be improving and as someone pointed out to me, "nothing is permanent; all things must change."

The Lost Summer


This image incorporates a piece of beautiful glass that the children and I found on a walk in the fields, along with the last of the buttercups.


For my beautiful son who has Asperger's, who frustrates, exhausts, enrages and delights me.


This one is for my beautiful daughter as she prepares to leave for university and my hope that her heart will soon mend and she becomes again the funny, confident, lovely young woman I know she is. (A little Georgia O' Keefe symbolism going on here I think. This was pointed out by a good friend and I think she's right!)


There were times when things were overwhelming.


Lavender; the herb that I use to try and restore calm and peace; something that we have had little of this summer.. This image depicts one who's had enough and is longing for peace.


This represents the end of this summer, the last of the thyme, (the end of this time) the dying moths and the gathering in of my family after overcoming weeks of heartache. (Hopefully!)


This is my beautiful Kitty a year on....

Image courtesy of Carole Kelly Photography


  1. WHat a truly heartfelt post and marvelous art!!!! It's very inspiring!!! (and my son is going to universaty after this summer, so I felt kinda "connected"... Thanks for posting this again!

  2. great post Jo! wonderful pieces! xx's

  3. Great art! It screams vintage in a very tasteful way.

  4. These are beautiful pieces and a very meaningful expression of what you were experiencing at the time. Hope you found the mere creation to be cathartic.

  5. I like the way of your selfexpression. Beautiful pieces of art.

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how our art is influenced by our surroundings and emotions. By the same token, our art heals, too. I really like your art and the use of mixed media. I especially love the flowers and herbs you use in some of these. Thanks for sharing both your art and your feelings with us.

  7. I am glad those times are over. Your art pieces are so thoughtful and I love how you dedicated some of them to your children.

  8. Such beautiful little images Jo. I'm pleased the difficult patch is over. Your heartfelt posts reveal what an amazing person you are.

  9. Gosh. What a post!! Thanks for popping by me, too!!

  10. Beautiful work! So heartfelt and are a true artist.

  11. very nice; i like the drowning piece

  12. What a poignant posting. So glad to have the opportunity to see it for the first time. Love the phrase "all things are transient, all things must change." your art work is stunning. will take to heart that all things must change- but will be optimistic that it will always be for the better! hugs

  13. oooh, i remember this post! i lovelovelove all of the amazing art and those fantastic photos of when you found the burned out car (that's from then, right?) and the gorgeous photo of cat. these pieces are so very beautiful. thank you for reposting!!