Sunday, 13 September 2009

33 Years On!

I love this photo! This was taken the other week at one of the monthly get togethers I have with my primary school friends. This one is special as we had the added treat of our teacher Miss. Cooke! She is now 81 and is still as funny and intimidating as she was when we were 10! A lovely night out.

(I'm the one in the yellow and green t-shirt, which actually says, "Reading is Sexy" on it, in honour of her. Although she told me off for not dressing up!)


  1. Eric Allen Montgomery14 September 2009 at 01:34

    That is amazing in so many ways! I know no-one from primary school days and only have a couple of high school friends that I'm still in touch with. I just dug out my primary school class pics while in BC - have you one of those to show us your gang in all your pig-tailed and gap toothed glories of yore?

  2. Sadly, they just stopped doing class photos when we got to the juniors, but there is a very grainy on that someone took on a school trip. Would love to see you as a schoolboy!

  3. i only know one person from that age and of all things, she found me TODAY on facebook. :)

    i love your shirt and think you are the cutest girl in the world.

    fyi -- getting your interview up this week and LOVE it! and go check out to see what kerin did on our pieces! she is mailing mine to you this week and yours to me. wow!

  4. Aren't these reunions fantastic? I go to mine all the time although the people that show up are always the same; we are like family at this point. I think school frinedships are the longest lasting becasue we were real then and there's no fooling anyone after all those years.