Friday, 18 September 2009

Altered Bits Zine- "Black and White" Issue

Head over to Altered Bits, the website of the lovely Alicia. Her third online zine has just been published and the theme this time is "Black and White".

It is filled cover to cover with fabulous art from very talented artists, including Alicia herself.

As if all this wasn't enough (and don't forget she's a working mother!), Alicia also organises an online group where artists can get together to show their work, collaborate and take part in art swaps and challenges. It's great fun and you can find it here. Anyone is welcome to join!

Below is my contribution to the "Black and White" issue.

The Almshouse


  1. I love the Alm's House Jo! So very GOTHIC...and haunting! I fancy myself tiptoe-ing in whilst hiding under a black, velvety cloak. Who knows what or who occupies this place...I'm almost expecting a barn owl or a crow to fly off the roof. Weird and Wicked!!!

    And YES - that friend of ours Alicia is wonder-woman. Fancy us all getting the bug! Must be some spooky ESP/Empathising thing going on. Would you believe, Kim from Merlin's Musings has it too! Weirder still...

  2. Have finished perusing Alicia's b&w zine and had to pop in and tell you how much I loved this pic. Very moody, loved it especially as I am completely photography challenged, LOL!

  3. Thank you Debbie and Kim. This house has been my favourite since I was a child. It is in a tiny village called Weekley, just 5 mins from where I live. It is occupied and I have been known to hover outside looking at it with earnest interest, in the hope that someone will invite me in to look around!
    Unfortunately, they haven't yet. They're more likely to call the police to report a crazy woman lurking outside their house!

  4. as i've said before... i love the ethereal feeling of this photo..the architecture is so gothic. This photo looks like you made a B/W print from a color neg or is it really digital?

  5. i adore this photo! you are such an amzingly taltend lady, miss jo! i hope you'll be putting prints on your etsy as i must have one (i haven't peeked yet due to mucho-business with email responces and such). thank you again for your submission -- your and the others' amazing works of art are what made this such a fun and visually tantilizing zine. such an honor to have you a part of it!

  6. how rude of me! i have company and i keep sneaking off to read blogs and respond to emails and it just occurred to me that i didn't even acknowlege the fact that you've been feeling unwell. we girls are certainly sharing cyber-germs! i don't know that i've ever known so many sick people in unison. i hope you (and debbie and kim!) feel much better soon! wish we all lived close so i could make us a feast of chicken noodle soup, or veggie noodle for the vegetarians. ;)

  7. Thanks all! Lisa the photo was taken with a Blackbird Fly camera (don't you just love the name?) It's a twin lens camera, similar to the old box brownies and the film is 35mm. It was originally colour, which I changed to b&w, but the scratches and imperfections are what occurs naturally with this type of camera. That's why i love it.

    My partner Simon is a photographer, and lomography (twin lens) is his new passion. He keeps buying up old Russian cameras! There's a link to his stuff on the right.

  8. Hi Jo!

    BEAUTIFUL pic!!! Love your blog...and especially your header. Thank you so much for droppin' by the yaya, and look forward to getting to know ya!

    Have a beautiful & creative week...xo...deb