Wednesday, 23 September 2009

End Of An Era

My partner Simon has a studio in a beautiful old house called Barton Hall, home to many talented artists. Unfortunately, it has been sold and everyone is looking out for new premises. So, I thought I would do a post as a final epitaph to Barton and feature one of the artists every day.

Today I am going to start with my man!

"for in and out, above, about, below, 'tis nothing but a Magic Shadow-show"

(The Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyaim)

The nape of a neck,
The curve of a hip.
The tilt of a breast,
Sweat on the lip.
Tom Waits sings
of love and doom,
And the dust motes dance
in the attic room.

"Naturalist and preserver of animals, birds, reptiles, fish"

Come Back To Haunt Me, Come What May

Property Of A Lady


A Sin You Swallow For The Rest Of Your Life

Just a tantalising glimpse of Simon's work; to view the rest visit his website on the Shadowshow link above.

(All images the property of Shadowshow. Please do not download or use images without permission. Thank you)


  1. I don't think there is anything more beautiful than shadows across the human body. sensual and yet artistic.

  2. A lot of people ask me if I mind Simon photographing nude models and the answer is no. As you said, his nudes are beautiful and sensual, but never titillating or tacky. Our children are so used to critiquing his work now that even our 7 yr old son doesn't even notice the nudity. He just sees a human body.

    You'd be surprised how many parents rushed their children out of the studio on Open Day, saying, "Get out, it's not suitable!"

  3. Amazing work Jo! Absolutely gorgeous!!! I will definitely visit his site. So sorry to hear of all the artists that now need to find a new home.

  4. such a loss of a wonderful inspirational place to create. Simon's work is gorgeous..i'm going to go visit his site now...

  5. I raised 3 sons who came into my studio in my home all the time and I had nude drawings up all over my studio-- from an early age-- I saw the drawings as art and apparently so did they.

  6. Thanks all, I'll pass on your kind comments to Simon.