Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Meme Award

My lovely friend Alicia (Altered Bits) has just tagged me and 6 others for a Meme Award!

However, the deal is that we now have to reveal 7 things about ourselves and then tag 7 more favourite bloggers. I don't usually like the "reveal and tag" things going round, so will just award some of my favourites with no obligation to do so themselves.
Ok, here goes, although I can't promise that it'll be interesting.

1. I was once arrested and thrown in a cell for the night for running over a car!
2. Last year I had a very small part in a low budget movie.
3. 18mths ago I didn't know how to send an e-mail and now can't believe I have so many lovely, online friends and a BLOG for goodness sake!
4. I am very outgoing and will talk to anyone. This means that the crazy person on the bus always sits next to me, to the horror of my daughter. However, I worry terribly about what people think about me.
5. I long to make a name for myself as a serious artist, but feel I sometimes lack the drive to actually achieve this. Laziness comes easily to me! (Although I'm getting better)
6. I often complain that I don't have the lifestyle I dream about ie: big, rambling country house, kids running wild in the fields, a studio in the garden etc.... instead of making the most of what I do have. Namely, a loving, caring partner, 2 beautiful children, a nice home and freedom to create.
7. I once kissed a now famous, british actor, with whom I was at college.

The 7 people I pass this award on to are all talented, interesting women I find inspirational:

2. Canace at Art by Canace.
3. Deborah at Deborah Dare Art.
4. Penny at Sparrow Salvage.
5. Kathryn at KV Creative Designs
6. Lorraine at Glimmering Prize.
7. K C Willis at The Lipstick Ranch.


  1. hello lovely! wow, what fabulous new things i have learned about you! i would love to hear the tale of #1, want to see #2, giggle at #3, think #4 is fabulous because i'm the opposite in a lot of ways (will talk to anyone but they have to initiate the convo), think you're silly about #5 -- you could TOTALLY do that. you're so amazingly creative and talented. the "laziness" is a pisces thing, i think. i am 110% with you on #6, except i only have one child. want all that too and whine incessantly about it, at least to myself. good point on making the most of things. :) who is #7? how fun! you're such a joy to read about!! and you know i'm the same way -- i don't like the reveal and tag thing either but since it was from someone so sweet and one who i adore, i couldn't not reciprocate. (sorry for the novel, and the delay in seeing this -- first week of school!)


  2. Thanks Alicia, I wouldn't want anyone to see no. 2! I sat cringing a bit at the "premiere". But the director is just starting out, so at least he's having a go.
    My daughter, was actually doing another film with his friend, when I got asked to do this. Apparently they needed "older" people as no one over the age of 21 was mad enough to get involved! lol (except yours truly!)
    Anyway, I think I'm the company's resident "mother" character now!

    No. 7 is Marc Warren (google him) He was in the year below me at college (drama course). It was just a brief kiss, I should have kept in touch with him. He was the only one of us who ever made it in the acting world and he's big time now. (((sigh))

  3. One of the more interesting tags I've read. I'm wondering what you were driving in no.1 and can so relate to no.3. I dream of the rambling country house with garden studio too.

  4. Ha ha! no Robyn, I was on foot; I literally ran over the car! (I was only 17 at the time)