Saturday, 12 September 2009

Bee Inspired

There is a fabulous shop in my town called Bee Inspired that carries every type of craft supplies. It is owned by a couple Jemma and David, who are very knowledgeable about most crafts and also very friendly and helpful.

Just next door they have another small shop that is used for workshops and craft exhibitions.

The only trouble is, is that it's like a black hole! Once in there, it's hard to get out, as there is so much to drool over! I could spend hours in there and frequently do!

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  1. Hi Jo
    I used to have a type of craft shop & I didn't do so good with it as I used everything MYSELF!I also sold beautiful chocolates and I'm not joking you -I ate mostly ALL of the display stock!- So it was kind of like a private wholesale store-absolutely ridiculous!
    I still haven't updated my blog as yet-have to get to that .. & THANKS for the tag thing too!
    You are a tonic missy!