Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dorset 2009

Just back from the family holiday; a little stressful but we had some lovely days out.

These photos were taken at a beautiful place called Church Ope Cove. It is still seems to be off the tourist radar and totally unspoilt and peaceful. (Until we got there anyway!)

Wanted to take this home!

Me, looking a little windswept!


A rare moment of sibling togetherness!

I am Kitty, hear me roar!


  1. Hello the LOVELY Jo!!! We must do an ATC swap! You and me, babe! Is that you in the white knitted jacket? You are truly beautiful, my dear!!!

    Gorgeous photos of that Dorset beach too. I wish I'd been born in Britain (read ENVIOUS). Church Ope cove? Is there a church nearby?? Intersting name. Ope as in Hope without the H?? I'd love to know the history behind the name....

    Nice of you to come visit me at Debrina's Diary. I keep thinking I must do my scavenger hunt are you going?

  2. Hi Deb, yes that is me looking terribly windswept! The blustery english weathered ensured permanent bad hair days!

    I hope to do a proper post about Church Ope Cove when I've done a little research. Apparently a mermaid came ashore there in the 1700's!

    So lots of cool myths and legends associated with it.