Friday, 25 September 2009

The Barton Hall Artists- Continued

Today my featured artist is Sharon Read, who uses various mediums to create beautiful and thought-provoking art.

"My artwork is an opportunity to explore my inner feelings and views of my life and situations within it. It is a form of expression towards issues that affect me in my day to day living such as emotional responses to circumstances and visual stimuli.

Texture is very important to me and I use materials that will withstand manipulation to create the exact texture I want. The surface treatment in addition is paramount and a key intention to give the textures a certain feel whether this is illustrated by dark and dramatic colours or soft, almost misty finishes."

(All images the property of the artist and not to be used without prior permission. Thank you)

Five Thoughts Of Feeling

Five White Squares

The Haunting




  1. These are quite engaging especially for me..'Vista' & 'The Haunting'- love the copper rub? patina. Although I would really like to SEE them..stand in front of them and feel the urge to want to touch them and not be permitted to!.
    Five White this a flat or raised finish?It looks like relief work.

  2. I enjoyed each of these pieces too. Each has a separate appeal. Love the haunting and the five white squares. Thanks for taking the time to showcase everyones art. Like Rainey, wish I was there as there's nothing like the first hand experience, that connection with a piece in person.

  3. Thanks ladies, I'll pass on your comments. The white squares are raised but not sure about the patina on the others. I've seen The Haunting and I don't think it's copper, but if you click on Sharon's name at the top it will take you to Barton Hall site. Go to artists and you will find her there. I think there's a bit more info.

  4. __My first visit here; "Away the crow road," down the darkened path.
    __Sharon's work... is grand. The Haunting keeps calling me back. _m

    form on fog
    this vision beckons me
    it watches

  5. thanks for sharing these pieces they are awesome!

  6. As texture is very important in my work I appreciate seeing this work-- thank you for sharing.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Sharon. I especially love Vista and The Haunting!